Internet Explorer v6.0 is Released

I just posted the article Internet Explorer v6.0 is Released.

Internet Explorer 6.0 is finally out. Internet Explorer has won the race with Netscape big time, and Internet Explorer 6.0 will probably be the final blow.

Privacy is a big issue nowadays and IE6…

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I’m using IE6.0 for some time now; it was in my XP rc1 (2505)! A few probs with Java sites, but don’t know what’s the cause of it!

hehe JAVA… winXp is gonna lack a Java virt. mach. can you believe that??? what a mess for ppl developing websites.

You can always download the Virtual Machine from Microsoft’s Site or ofcourse from

Eviva Opera :slight_smile:

who gives a fuck. hey - i just released my penis, that has no java support either!) the words ‘microsoft’ and ‘privacy’ dont mix, just use OPERA.

Who gives a fuck about Opera? This topic was about IE if I remember correctly… So that your shitty browser and go spam in a topic about Opera! There is none? Wonder why… :wink: j/k

Hey Chronic… I disagree, Opera is a viable alternative to IE and is therefor relavent… I prefer Opera to IE 5.5xx. but have not tried IE6…

I installed the newest Java VM and the problem remains. Anyone with better luck?

I was just kidding! :slight_smile: I haven’t found a decent substitute for IE yet so I’ll stick with it! And yes, I have tried Opera… I’d rather use Netscape than Opera and Netscape isn’t all that good either! I’m not saying that IE is great, just that it’s the best of the browsers available at the mo… Once again, this is just my point of view! :slight_smile:

I know this is of topics, but do you really have to say everytime when something you’r not interested comes here that “hey new IE, I don’t really give a fuck” if you don’t care you don’t have to say it. It is really innoing to wait longer that this page opens only cause you think its cool to say I don’t give a shit about microsoft… Really funny… And Dark-shadow you’r really funny about that thing about your penis. If you don’t vare then fine, you don’t care, but do you really have to say that here like that (that word means swearing, I swear a lot but not here… here you aren’t supposed to swear, atleast I hope so) But after this everyone think that do you really have to react to every post.

This version of IE6.0 is 6.0.2600.000 So can we assume that the retail version of Windows XP will be 2600 ??

All those comments and no-one has actually said anything about the browser :frowning: The browser is a minor patch of v5.5 - so minor in fact that when I first installed it I didn’t think the install went right. Should have been v5.51 not v6 - if any other company tried to brand a product like that as a significant improvement then they’d be done under the trades descriptions act! :frowning:

I wonder how long it will take before the first security bugs will be found. :4

golly gee look at those icons batman! there’s a little tool for pictures that’s unnessasary. a filter for cookies that’s unnessasary. oe has a new splash that’s, you guessed it. unnessasary. i don’t know why this wasn’t released back in may. 5.51 is right the111.

IE6 is great for blocking those annoying cookies that bloat up the windows folder in no time at all. And the111 if you actually paid for IE6 then u might have a point.

Whether or not you pay is irrelavent to the TDA :slight_smile:

I suppose that IE6 will protect your privacy from anyone but M$. Has anyone tried Netscape 6.1 yet? I still use Netscape 4.7x a lot. I like the ability to set it to not download images automatically. Makes browsing much faster and ads are irrelevant. And I use Cookie Pal for cookies. I wonder if IE6 blocks web bugs?

As far as I can see, this ie6 isn’t very different from iev5.1. However, it feels a lot more stable than the crummy ie v5.5.

I agree. ie5.5 was not the best. I still use ie5.1 and i like it. Seems to be fairly stable. ofcourse i haven’t done much testing though . . . Just general usage :slight_smile: