Internet Explorer v6.0 2530 for all OS available

I just posted the article Internet Explorer v6.0 2530 for all OS available.

CestLaVie and Lucky used our newssubmit to tell us:

On this site you can find the latest ‘beta’ releases of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6.0.

⋅ Added (Fixed) Internet Explorer 6.0 build…

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“for all OS available” I dun see *nix listed :9

And it’s still BETA so who cares? The BETA’s have been “available” for download for ages…

ALL OS’s ??? There ain’t no IE 6.0 for Linux. Who wrote this garbage

They obviously meant all MS OS’s…

god some of u guys are fussy. ps Linux sux anyhoo :d

C’mon. Its not that bad . . . Maybe a bit clumsy to set up for games etc