Internet Explorer usage falls below 50%

NEW YORK ( – For more than a decade, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been the predominant tool the world uses to connect to the Web, but that’s no longer true, according to a Web analytics firm.

StatCounter, which tracks Internet data, said that IE’s share of the browser market fell to 49.9% in September. More people still use IE than any other single browser, but the combined market share of non-Microsoft browsers now outpaces IE.

How sweet it is microsoft is getting what they did to others

It’s a good thing that there is no “browser monopoly” now. This will stop “web designers” from “optimising” their websites for certain browsers.

Also, the competition forces the browser makers to improve their products permanently :slight_smile:


Yes cannot wait until the same 50 percent is for operating system to then we will get a better product

Less ppl are using it because they have more viruses they need to come up with a way to prevent that then more people would use it!

If they can’t improve IE better than what IE8 or what IE9 is right now then I see
those numbers dropping even further as both of these browsers suck big time. :iagree:

I agree with samlar, if more OS were out there, maybe better products would be made for alternative OS then the normals.