Internet explorer home page problems

I have just re-installed XP PRO and i keep getting a problem that
“SEARCHCENTRAL.CC” keeps popping its ugly head up everytime i open internet explorer 6. I keep trying to change my home page
to and i press “apply” or “ok” but alas i close I.E.6 and open it again and this “searchcentral” bullshit keeps popping up.

1.Where did it come from???IT was there the 1st time i connected to the internet.(I have never got this before when reinstalling XP PRO before)

2.How do i get rid of it???
It is pathetic and its driving me crazy!!!

3.Somebody please help before i SLASH MY WRISTS, with this poor excuse for a search engine, popping up in my face all the time…

can you solve my problem before its too late!!!

:bow: :bow: :Z :Z :confused: :confused: :iagree: :iagree:

Download and scan your computer for spyware with Adaware. Alternatively you can also use Spybot.


I will try that right now!!!

all the best


Also delete any history, temporary internet files and delete cookies.

Download HijackThis.exe and CWShredder.exe (might be .zip)


The programs is pretty self-explained…and btw always make a backup. (U can delete backup when all is well). I recommend Hijackthis first and then follow-up with CWS