Internet Explorer and win xp

Since I have installed Windows XP (Service Pack 1a) with IE 6.0.2800,I’m unable to open a lot of pages,because I got always “Impossible to open the page”.I changed the Protection options,but nothing happened.Any ideas?

Never seen anything like this, do you use a firewall, any add blocking software, got a hosts file at all with entries to block certain sites and adservers? Have you run Windows Update after you installed the service pack? There are a shed load of updates beyond SP1 or 1a…if you haven’t run Windows update after service packing, run in now and install all the updates available, QED I reckon your problem will go away…

Alright,I will try Windows update

It could be your connection or IE. Have you tried another browser like FireFox and see if it works. And Windows Update doesn’t always fix the problem, but make your windows even more bloated.

it could be something in your hosts file

hit your run button then type

hit “select program from list”

select notepad

Scroll down the text file. if you have anything other than something like Localhost
or any lines that begin with #

then something might have modified your hosts file (beagle virus and some spyware does this to block out antivirus sites as well as windowsupdates.

Another thing to try is a program such as winsockxp. Which fixes corrupt networking settings (ive actually used it on a customers machine). Just do a search for it on google its “Winsock xp”

microsofts page with helpful links -;EN-US;322389

are the pages you are having problems with using java? according to this article, , the difference between windows sp1 and sp1a is the removal of the microsoft virtual machine. this would muck with pages that use java.

you can try for their version of java, which may fix your problems.

Thank you guys

what fixed it?

I bet a nickel it was FireFox 0.9.1

Sorry,the problem is still present…I gues it’s a java problem,but I don’t know how to fix it…I have both Microsoft and Sun JVM…

I had similiar problems when i had (AOL :a :frowning: ) My internet explorer would not let me go to any pages and i had no viruses.
The only fix we ended up coming up with was to reinstall windows and that aol :frowning: garbage.
I guess internet explorer is prone to mess ups :stuck_out_tongue: -who knew?