Internet Explorer 7 appears to be release October 18th

According to one of Microsoft’s bloggers the release date for Internet Explorer 7 appears to be October 18th. For those of you grabbing for your calendar I’ll let you know that it is next Wednesday…a day after Mozilla plans on shipping Firefox 2 RC3.

The new IE7 will then be delivered via Automatic Updates starting on November 1, which is exactly two-weeks after the official release. They recommend that users test their site to ensure that it is compatible with IE7 by downloading the RC1 that was made available a few months back. If you are still skeptical about installing it or plan on never using it then you may want to use the IE7 Automatic Delivery Blocker that Microsoft provides.

I do have to admit that I am glad to see Internet Explorer getting tabs simply because I don’t have easy access to Firefox wherever I go. I have it installed on my USB drive but sometimes I don’t feel like pulling it out and waiting for Windows to install the necessary drivers that are needed to use it. At least now I will have a decent tabbed browser available, of course, that is assuming that the places I usually visit don’t block the automatic installation.


IE 7.0.5600.7 here. :slight_smile:

"They recommend that users test their site to ensure that it is compatible with IE7’"
Why cant they test users’ sites to make sure IE is compatible with THEM!!!?
After all, most are built for explorer.

Most were built for IE 5 or IE 6, not IE 7. Very many South Korean bank and portal sites are not fully compatible with IE 7 meaning most South Korean IE users will have troubles with IE 7 for some time. But I have used only RC1 and pre-RC1 builds so far.

Since this was already partially reported here, I’ll just include the link to the article soon to be posted on the main page. Enjoy!

IE7 looks really good to me. i found it significantly fast loading pages compared to Firefox 2. The text is also much much better (Cleartype).

I think MS has finally got a browser out thats worhy of applauding :slight_smile:

You can tune firefox to render pages faster via extensions. I dont like cleartype, is it on by default?

Well, I tried the Fasterfox plugin but that still aint as fast as IE (IMHO).

Cleartype is an option that can be selected when the browser is started for the first time. It looks amazingly clear on my Viewsonic 19’’ Widescreen. On my work computer (NEC 18’’) , I tried enabling Cleartype for my desktop (not IE 7 specifically as its not there) and it didnt look good (antialiasing with ‘Standard’ was the best). So I think enabling/disabling Cleartype might be good or bad depending upon displays.

I’ll be sticking with Firefox, there seems no real reason to use a program which doesn’t really bring anything to the table that FF doesn’t.

On a side note, I find that Cleartype is very nice in general, and can’t complain about it at all…

FireFox for me as well.

IE 7 is another piece of crap with build in DRM crap in it. I will not be supporting anything that Mircosoft makes for it’s up and coming Vista platform. People better wake up and smell the coffee because they have no idea how restrictive Vista is going to be and you will not be happy about it.

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