Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 : the battle intensifies

As we observed during our previous study ending on 24 September 2006, IE 7 beta was ahead of Firefox 2 beta in terms of the web visit share generated from France. The same trend was observed over the two weeks between 25 September and 8 October 2006, but developed from week 41 onwards where visits made via Firefox 2 were as high as IE7: 1.3% of total French visits for each beta.


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I want to know, [B]what is going on in France that is so interesting[/B]!!!

Meh - I like Maxthon 1.5.x with IE 6. Good enough for me. :slight_smile:

Some days ago, when i was at the Microsoft Update site, then i decided to download and install WIE7. Allthough i am a very pleased Fx2 user which defenetly isn’t going to change browser any time soon, then i just thought that i would check it out and see what MS had been up to lately. My first impression is that it is of course very good that the security has been tightened, and as they have copied some key elements out of the Fx browser, then it also is a little more convinient to use, but to me, then this whole redone interface “thingy” was just making me crazy. It’s like it’s solely designed for utter retards or something as the UI has been dumbed totally down, and i am defenetly not impressed with the level of customization WIE7 offers either. Anyways, alittle after then i ghosted(with ATI) my system back to a former state, where i still had MIE6 installed.

Just my 2 cents.

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MS havent even released IE7 here… I think the translators in Ireland are lagging behind…

I myself rarely used IE until v7 came out, and now I use it all the time. Mind you, I’m not overly picky when it comes to browsers: for me, it’s all about simplicity.


For me I use both IE7 and FF2 for my browsing needs cause some web sites are better format for one or the other browser. And I do have netscape 8 and opera 9 and mozilla. I don’t have any problems with using either one of the browser its just that I have to check for updates to IE7 whenever it comes out. And for FF2 I just have to download the newer version.