Internet Explorer 10 Final

Uploaded with

Released today for Windows 7. Direct Microsoft Link

downloaded and installed and tried it and didn’t notice much in look but did have to uncheck the auto update feature…

I do not use Internet Explorer

[QUOTE=redback5;2679880]I do not use Internet Explorer[/QUOTE]

And??? You do use explorer do you not? Those two are based on the same principles regardless whether you said you don’t use IE or not your using the core features of IE.

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2679922]And??? You do use explorer do you not? Those two are based on the same principles regardless whether you said you don’t use IE or not your using the core features of IE.[/QUOTE]

Actually I don’t understand why Redback5 feels the need to mention that they are uninvolved in the topic under discussion.

I’ll bet they spend their time jumping into discussions about
the McDonalds Value menu to say he only eats at Burger King.

Or discussions about Starbucks to tell us all that he/she doesn’t
drink coffee.

'Nuff said.

That being said I took great care to create a new restore point on my computer over the weekend, making a fresh Image clone and a fresh full clone (reverting to an earlier clone is always easier than removing “new” software)

And this morning (PATCH TUESDAY!) I checked the box to include IE10 in the updates.

I generally cannot understand the arguments that the IE haters use
to tell everyone they prefer “_________” over IE

Or their discussing a “lack of features in IE”… which version of IE lacks the feature they are complaining about IE missing?

I had a discussion yesterday with a customer about IE lacking Tab browsing… (What?) Something IE has not lacked for quite some time…
and when I called them on it they switched to “Well Microsoft stole that feature”… the argument changes to hide prejudices.

Frankly I’ve had fewer issues with IE than with any
of the other browsers.

Long story short I don’t see any big difference in IE10 Vs IE9

IE10 seems faster to launch but this could be subjective…

I also unchecked the “install new versions automatically” box.


Ah - so it’s on the updates as what, default yes, or default no.
Also, what was suggested was that priority was going to be rollout over the beta/preview.

Been looking like crazy for a decent test roundup of New IE10 vs the others, since IE doesn’t relaese versions that often, it tends to catch up or jump ahead, then the rest make progressive gains.

It’s on the “important updates” list in windows updates, but Unchecked.
I’m sure in a six weeks or so that’ll change to checked by default.

I have discovered an “issue”, actually a few…

The “back” button doesn’t work most of the time on several websites,
forcing me to right-click the back arrow and choose where I want to
go back to where I want to go…

As I have previously stated I calculate software “quality” by counting
mouse clicks to navigate within it.

And if on average to jump back from a Google search result takes me
three very quick mouse clicks to back out ONE page there is a problem.

I do like the built-in spellchecker, I don’t know if IE9 had one,
but if it did it wasn’t turned-on by default.

And for some reason when I search Google Images I find many
more PNG images than I used to and far fewer JPGs.

I do know of one problem so far. When I can log into my work Email from IE9 and get all the feature but when I switched to IE10 it would log into my work email but then just stops working. So it would seem there is something in the programming or change in IE10 that remote work email accessing is different enough that is stop working correctly. I like to go back to IE9 but as of now I won’t since that will cause more problem as IE10 is now my broswer.