Internet enabled consumer devices to outsell PCs in 2013

Internet enabled consumer devices to outsell PCs in 2013.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It is not particularly new information to say that the way people use the Internet has changed a great deal in recent years.  The Internet isn't just for people to jump on with a computer anymore.  Video game consoles, phones, and even TVs make good use of the internet for everything from checking email, to streaming video, to getting into a multiplayer game. An IHS iSuppli Consumer Platforms Report indicates that combined shipments of all of these Internet enabled devices are likely to exceed PC shipments in 2013.  If this happens as predicted it would mark the first time such a thing has happened.

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Have Net Ready TV, not connected to net. Don’t need any more security holes in my home network. ISP isn’t fast enough to stream signal in “real” time.
Never saw the sense in buying a Tablet and having to lug around a magnifying glass just to see the screen.
As for the report, just shows that a great many of “Today’s” consumers are about as bright as a 5 watt bulb.

If you think about it. Most households probably have 1 PC. But every person in the household will probably endup with a smartphone. Which really would skew the portable to PC device ratio.

As for me. It’s nice to be able to check my email on my Android, but if I want to surf the net, I still prefer to do it on a full size screen with my PC. I can get buy on a 4.3" smartphone screen, but its not my preference.