Internet download file save to LG 5163 Drive

I have problems saving files downloaded from the internet to my LG 5163 external CD/DVD burner. When I hit the “save as” button on the dialog and chose E:drive which is the LG burner another dialog box pops-up with the following “You do not have permission to save in this directory. See the administrator to obtain permission.” I have Windows XP. I also installed ZoneAlarm and Spy Detect. Would anyone on this forum please direct me in solving this problem. Any help is much appreciated.

There could be any of a number of problems related to this. Check to see that your burner is enabled for CD writing in the properties tab. If you are writing to a DVD you need additional packet writing such as InCD (troublesome). Are you able to write with Nero?

Thanks chas0039. Your advise works. I’m grateful for your assistance. I just purchase the burner today. The next step is to burn some movie files from the internet onto dvd. This is the reason I purchase the dvd burner since it can storage more data compared to cd. I will try to burn a file onto a dvd on my next download. I read something about “InCD” but not got into the details. I have not try to write using Nero. By the sounds of it I may be have more problems. I’ll keep in touch via this form. Once again thanks for you help. I let you know about about writing to dvd using InCD.

If you want to write files directly to disc without using extra software you can use DVD-RAM discs and format them FAT32. Windows XP will then let you save files straight to the disc.

If using Nero maybe this fix your problem