Internet discount coupons for car rental



A friend and me planned a trip to Finland in July. We plan to arrive at 9 July (around 3 pm) and I (he is going to stay another week) will fly back on 17 July, but plan to return the car on 16 July before 3pm.

For our travel there, we are planning to rent a car for that entire week (7 days). When I look at the different rental agencies (Avis, Hertz, Budget, Europcar and Sixt), I see a possibility to enter a discount coupon code.

I am not usually looking for coupon codes and I don’t want to encourage referral links, but I would like to know where I can find such (online) coupons and get an even better deal on a car rental for that week in Finland (so I can rent a bigger car for the same money :wink: ).

Thanks in advance!


Here are some avis coupons that I found in about one minute

Finding coupons is easy. Just google “??? coupon(s)” or “??? coupon codes” such as office depot coupons or staples coupon codes or avis coupon codes. It will pull up lots of stuff. You may have to look through a few sites to find something good (I got the above coupons from the second link I clicked from a google for “avis coupon code”. Sometimes it is a link for a discount (you get it automatically using the link) and sometimes it is a coupon code. I can try and find some if you have problems after doing that. Just let me know what rental agencys you are interested in (though I think you will find plenty googleing like I said to above).


Thanks for the tip. I tried googling, but apparently used too general search terms (usually I know how to use a search… :wink: ).

I’ll have a go at this!


Tax…can you google me a serial for some software…:smiley:

JUST KIDDING PEOPLE>>>>>>before ya call out the forum cops


Sometimes searching can be tricky. Something as little as a space instead of a dash in a model number can make all the diffrence in the world. I have had to call my brother to get him to search for something that I cannot find before, and he manages to find it in a minute what I couldn’t find in an hour. If you don’t find what you need let me know and I’ll see what I can find.


That site you found also has coupon codes for Budget car (which comes out cheapest at the moment). Dunno if these codes will apply for rentals in Finland, but I’ll check on that later. The link and tips are much appreciated!


No prob. If you don’t find what you need let me know and maybe I can dig something up.