Internet Database programming

Hello. I am trying to study internet databases but I keep going in circles. I don’t know where to start, and I don’t know what does what.

Can you help me understand the concepts of PHP, MySQL, etc…? What do they do? WHich one’s do you recommend I study?

The starting point I would like to reach is creating a small database on a webserver (a few names or number would do), and when my webpage is visited, it displays the information from this Database.

I have 10 DSN’s (dunno what it is). I have the webspace. The webserver supports all that SQL stuff.

Please help me get started!

Regards and thanks in advance,
Dan :slight_smile:

There is a difference between SQL and MySQL…

PHP is the langage you can use to address the MySQL database, but you can also use PHP to build something of a database (have it create a data file from which queries can be made).

Good resources to start with are:

There are some good books out there as well that may proof useful

Thank you for taking your time, Da_Taxman…

I really respect you for helping me even on my most mundane questions. I’ll be sure to check out the links!

What you want to do is quite simple:

  1. Fill your database, use a program like PHPmyAdmin (it’s free ;))
  2. Make a PHP script that queries your database (like SELECT * FROM persons) and integrate the script into a HTML file.

And you are ready :slight_smile:

That sounds pretty good, Dee-ehn. I’m downloading PHPAdmin now. Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

dont be afraid to ask anything about this here - if we dont know, odds are that we’ll be intrigued enough to learn as well.