I'm searching for a progy wich can tell me how long I've been on the internet lately!!!
And can tell me how much money I've already spend on it!!!
I've heard of a progy called "Intercent" or something like that!
Hope someone can help me find something!
(please tell me where to download to!!!)


go to and do a search. I have seen a lot of different progs there that will fill your needs!



There is a prog called time-up, this is very good. Don’t know where to download it exactly, but i guess you can find it at


Modem Logger is good, the link to it’s homepage is somewere on


Saw you 'r from the dutch mountains

so why not use a program from KPN [internet kostenteller] never saw a better program then that.

search the kpnsite kostenbeheersing.

ja toch?? niet dan??



KPN-Kostenbeheer Rox !!
There’s no better program to control your phone-costs !



well i tried that so called software from KPN ‘AArrrgggg de geldwolven’ and it kept saying my password was incorrect even though i did’nt use one ?

Anyway cable modem arrives next week ISDN goes back to the KiPpeN and no more phone bills of 800 guilders for me …Yippeeee

I used Dialer2000 for cost analisys works pretty good only it’s $ instead of Æ’ but heh whats in a symbol… just pretend the $ is a Æ’.


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Just downloaded “Intercent 99” and “KPN Kostenbeheer”!
Installed Intercent first gonna try KPN later!