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i want to upgrade my crappy 56k modem to something better. there is loads on offer, from isdn, adsl, broadband etc and i just wanted to know what you have and recommend. (price is no problem)

this is to uk cd freaks please as i live in england


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If price is no problem i’d buy myself a T1 or T3 server with nice 100Gbit fiber optics right away.

But since i think then price is gonna be a real problem i will stay to UK’s normal things.

From what i’ve heard the UK adsl is pretty crappy then , then quite good. (The Register has a lot of topics on this one). BT broadband internet it’s called i believe ?

If you can get cable , check in your neighbourhood how fast it is and what the policies are on down/uploading lots of stuff per month (fair use policy). If that’s going to be a problem , stick to adsl.


thanks mr belvedere (can always rely on you)

i think t1 is a bit exteme and damm expensive in england.

need more info though please (English cd freaks)


ok i found that broadband is quicker than isdn, so what broadband services are the best?


sorry more questions…

i use aol at the moment and want to keep it. can i use a broadband connection with aol?


sorry for asking these questions as i have found the answer.

recommendations are still welcome though, just to see what people got.

but if you are new to this click below for all your questions answered.

thanks again


See , with a little research you can gain a lot of information. Personally don’t like BT internet and have never ever liked AOL (weird marketing and stuff like that).

But then again BT probably owns all the communication lines in the UK , so if you did have to choose , i’d stick to the people that maintain those communication lines instead of hiring them from BT (and thus depend on them). And i’ve heard that BT also introduced a flat fee account on ISDN.


this is where all the problems begin. yes bt do own the lines but their service is crap. btopenworld is having a lot of problems with overloading, connection failure etc, whilst smaller companies are faster and more reliable but they haven’t got the customer support and care that bigger, more reputable companies have.

im with aol, soi am going to wait for aol broadband in the uk (already in america?)

but with looking at that website, so far mailbox seems to be the best. who knows? it’s soooo hard to choose



I have just a few things to say.

1: I have had ADSL from BTOpenworld for approx 8 months now and other than the first 2 months the service has been excellent.
2. I dont like AOL and will never use them or any of their products (I would also recommend this to EVERYONE)
3. There are many people who say BT are shit…but there are an equal number who say BlueYonder and other companies are jut as shit as BT if not worse. Point being it is highly variable on who you ask and where they live perhaps.
4. Yes BT has been on the Register quite a lot but most of the articles dont relate directly to performance. Many are to do with the internal workings of BT and how they go about their business.

I would personally recommend BT for the simple reasons below

  • Average download speed - 50K per sec going up to 60K max
  • Average upload speed - cant say don’t really use it that much
    but when I host games it works pretty good :slight_smile: but I always get
    around 200-250Kbps when I use the testing tools on
  • Web browsing - damn fast
  • Disconnections - NEVER
  • Unable to connect - NEVER

To clarify point 1 the first few months were shitty because BT were in the process of upgrading their homegateways and so I was getting really erratic behaviour but as soon as they had upgraded my homegateway ALL the problems vanished literally overnight.

The reason they were having problems was simply because they had too many users for the system.

I just thought of something DONT GET ADSL FROM BT - the reason I say that is if too many peeps get it the problems I had 8 months ago will come back :wink: go get cable or something - only kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps a bit



thanks spunky much appreciated info


Well im using cable b/band 512 its grrreat to say the least - not had any problems with it, only that ntl are a little slow on thier customer services but having said that very rare i’ve had to use them…
i’m also hearing from one of there reps its going faster to 1mb - nice depends on price though :confused:
But if we look at china were way behind them 10mb - struth.

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thanks for posting

the problem i have is that i can’t get ntl where i live so im limited


Just as a comparison - i downloaded a 160 mb software package (demo) it took me 31 mins :cool:


ok buddy sorry to hear that - its the dogs gonads .pitty - have you checked it out to see if it will be availble in your area in the future?

normal mp3 d/load takes around 2.5 - 3 mins sorry dont mean to rub it in
much hehehe:cool:


Here in the states AOL kinda has broadband, at least that how you hookup, it is a plan they call Bring your own hookup, instaed of the 24.00 fee it is 15.00, but still they are capped by aol, AOL in my dads area on dialup was capped at 28.8 and they do close to the same thing with the cable…Now this is speaking for my dads area, others may be different


just done a test:

Communications =620.9 kilobits per sec

storage = 78.8 per sec

1mb file d/load = 13.5 secs

On cable b/band


How the hell can i get the screen shot on here , keep trying must be doin summat wrong:confused:

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Originally posted by snout
[B]How the hell can i get the screen shot on here , keep trying must be doin summat wrong:confused:

press img above but i need to navigate to my pc - it will not have it… Mod help pls.:smiley: [/B]

Has been discussed several times…
You can use the image tag for online images. SO if you want a screenshot showing in one of your posts, save it to a file and upload it to a server somewhere. Then paste the URL in the img tags and you should be all set.