Internet connection speed?

I’m considering an internet-based telephone-subsciption. The company offers free telephone services without additional fees, as well as “basic” internet.

This is where my curiousity comes in… the connection speed is 80kbit/s.
Let me se… 1 byte = 8 bits… so that makes 80kbit = 10kb/s, right…? :confused:

Yes, think of it as a fast dailup connection.

hmm… not exactly what i was looking for… in that case i better consider an upgrade to 850/260kbit.
That’s not quite spectaculiar eighter, but it sure is more suitable to replace my current ISDN connection :iagree:

That connection speed of 80kbit is likely to be just as fast as your current ISDN connection. This is because theoretically the speed is 80kbit / 8 = 10 kByte, but you do have a little overhead on every connection. So it will become like 8 kByte / s. Your 850 kbit will likely come down to about 75~80 kByte / s.

I used ISDN for a few years. It was 128Kbps BRI. Maybe your new subscription can replace the old ISDN because it’s cheaper and easier? Speed is less important I guess. For me, anything under 10Mbps is too slow. :slight_smile: