Internet Connection Problem / Please Help

Hi All,

I have a modem (56k) connection that i always could use till i installed the SP1 for WinXP.

Now, when i try to connect i get the 691 error that means that login & password are not correct for the domain.

A friend (also with WinXP SP1) and i tried 3 or 4 connections (on different providers, STILL THE SAME ERROR !!!

Do you know something i could do… EXCEPT UNINSTALLING SP1 ?


This is a known modem compatibility problem with WinXP. See “Error 691” Error Message When You Try to Establish a Dial-Up Connection After You Upgrade to Windows XP. If you have a Lucent modem in a HP computer, that would fit the profile. It would normally show up when the first upgrade is done to WinXP, not when a service pack is installed.

If your problem is not that simple, check out “Error 691” Error Message When You Try to Connect to Your ISP for troubleshooting solutions to this error.


Thanks for your fast answer.

Unfortunately, this case is not mine.

I have an Olitec PCI modem. And i also already tried the Windows troubleshooter… it can’t help me.

If its internal, it’s likely to have the lucent winmodem chip driving your olivetti modem or whastever it’s called.

The winmodem chip is possibly the worst thing that heppened to the world, excepting M$.

I really don’t think Olitec uses WinModem chipsets (that’s why i chose Olitec).

Check here or mail them at

Couldn’t find it either , but i’m pretty sure its a WinModem since i found this

It’s a Winmodem with a Conexant HSF 56k chipset. See the information at Olitect Modem Models.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the modem. Maybe upon redetection and reloading of the WinXP drivers it will work properly. WinXP drivers don’t seem to be easily available, but driver support for this chipset should be built into WinXP.

Many thanks guys !!!

Now i feel a bit ridiculous since people around me always told be that Olitec wasn’t based on WinModem and i didn’t verify.

But, i’ll try the reinstall right now.