Internet connection problem (is M/B "guilty"?)

Hi all

I recently bought a brand new PC, P4 3.2 HT with ASUS P5P800 M/B. The problem is that I have serious problem connecting to the internet, which I hope is not caused by a hardware issue: The PC connects to the internet very rarely ( ASUS P5P800 ASUS P5P80056K US ROBOTICS modem). The times it does not, this is what happens: The familiar sound of the modem trying to get connected is cut suddenly, and after about half a minute, it produces a continuous sound, displaying the window “Error 678” etc. This problem occurs most of the times, even with other modems i plugged. US Robotics works fine in other PCs, and I can get connected with my other PC to the internet, which means there’s no problem with the phone line. On the other hand, I managed to connect trying every settings “alchemies”, but no succesful setting worked the very next time. It might work again some other time later, but no settings and properties can assure me connecting, so all I can understand is that this isn’t really the problem. So, what’s left, is hardware… Is there any chance that this is caused by a M/B problem? Has anyone had problems with ASUS and internet?

I’d appreciate any answer

A web search for Error 678 revealed too many replies to mention.

Try a Google search and apply the suggestion based on your situation and configuration.

Are you using xp? I had loads of problems with xp trying to get it to recognize several modems I threw in there, when I still had dial up. My general experience is that XP sucks with dial up modems. The only success I had was finding a custom driver for my modem (built in drivers suck) but it would disconnect all the time.