Internet close tonight!

Hi guys

Thought this might catch your eye - how and if it will affect us i dont know.

Internet traffic problems expected as network faces shutdown
5:41pm Friday, 21nd June 2002

Europe’s internet traffic may suffer a major slowdown in the next few hours.

KPNQwest’s network, which handles 40% of the traffic, is set to be shutdown later tonight.

The firm has lost a court battle in Amsterdam to receive emergency funding from Citibank.

Receiver Eddy Meijer says it is now forced to shut down the network.

He says the network will likely continue until midnight, before disruptions to services start.

It’s theoretically possible for the receivers to appeal the decision, but a ruling would take at least six weeks.

Mr Meijer says the receivers will hold one more talk with the banks in an effort to reach an agreement.

The receivers have a special account at Citibank intended for clients and suppliers to pay in any amounts outstanding.

Citibank had blocked the receivers’ access to this account, which has a balance of 15.2 million euros, as they were unable to give asset-backed guarantees for the money.

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that sucks…

if i have no connection…i will not pay my provider…:frowning:

i couldn’t care more or less about it

probably an Hoax…

/me is leeching with >100kb/s :cool:

not a hoax…but

i had no problems at all…my edonkey is downloading like it never had done before…lol
perhaps all the others are down

Internet will become slower.
The main structure will cease to operate, KPNQwest has a big structure and is (or was) responsible for a large part of Europe’s internet infrastructure:

However, most clients have already taken measures to minimize the negative effects of this close down…so you might not even notice it at first, depends on where you are downloading from…