Internet child or family filter

Hello Everybody, I am looking for a easy to use and effective family filter. I have seen advertisements like Cyberpatrol, but it is not easy to find the best. If it is free so much the better, but I know that there is no free lunch. Suggestions from users experienced in this area are welcome. Thanks.

Gimme your lunch , because i found two that are freeware :cool: :cool:

Thanks a lot. Quite good and efficient software. I am testing one of them. Later I shall write some feedback hoping that it will be of use to other users.

As promised here is some feedback on family filter usage.The program iProtectYou works well and has lots of features, but after a while it blocks the explorer for no apparent reason. It is not possible to close the explorer, one has to use the task manager to flush the program. I shall try the second one soon. It looks as though it is really difficult to get free lunch.

Damn , there goes my lunch :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lock up the DSL/Cable modem when you’re not present.

If you live in Canada or The US you can get the Linksys WRT54GS ROuter which has a Family Protection Service built in its a subscription service but all requests to sites not authorised are intercepted by the router and stopped, they will ask for a password to continue.

I use Norton Internet Security.

Its parental control integrates with XP login accounts for each family member, so it is set up to filter the kids and not the adults. It updates a URL list periodically. Also, you can override it for specific sites for your kids if you think they are OK.

Only problem was it was preventing my kids from using NEOPETS. The solution was to configure it to allow referrer info on that site.

It also comes with Norton Antivirus and Norton Antispam, which are also useful.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that it has a great popup blocker/ad blocker.