Internet browsers

Please, tell me what browser you guys use, why, and what versions…

For me:

Internet Explorer always crashes from stupid flash errors. I’ve upgraded to the newest flash (they had some problems during 9.0, and they seem to be continuing…). It’s pretty fine otherwise, since it’s fast mainly.

Mozilla Firefox - uses too much memory, and hogs everything. I use saved sessions. Plus there seems to be big confusion on which version to use… 2.0 is better for tabs, but you know what it’s like… theres always something to piss you off!! :doh:

Opera - Is ok, but also a memory hog, and I don’t like it very much in general (I don’t have the latest version, is it any better?)

Tell me what you think.

I use IE6 because I’m lazy, and just can’t be bothered to install anything else. Closest I might get is installing Maxthon to “enhance” IE (tabs etc). As for Flash, I tend to disable it :wink:

Occasionally I’ll install Firefox (say if I’m having problems browsing, and want to check it’s not an IE problem).

Haven’t used Opera for a good few years…

I’m using IE7.
Why? I don’t know other that it doesn’t give me any real probs and I like the new “tab” feature. :wink:

Kinda like me with IE6, since it’s so easy :wink: . I have to use flash though :rolleyes:

Firefox can be great, but there are the arguements on which version is best. It slows a lot after using for a long period of time.

IE7, with no troubles at all. The upgrade from 6 is worth it, IMO: the tabs rock. I actually have AOL free on this thing (it came with it) and I use it as well, with no issues, but mainly for email…

Slimbrowser’s newest (Was my 1st tabbed browser 5 or 6 yrs ago and wife likes it). I’m using FF 2.0 right now but i like IE7 just to keep me on my toes on where everything is at :bigsmile:

That’s because you have not properly configured it. Once you have figured that out then when you compare it to IE they are pretty close for memory usage.

As I am typing this:

IE explorer memory usage is 25,642k
Firefox 2 memory usage is 28,842k

Anyways I prefer firefox.

:cool: :cool:

im using IE7 & i hated it for a start but now i quite like it

i use firefox 2.0 as my main internet browser, it is much more configurable than ie

for those stubborn sites that dun support firefox then i use ie 7

I’m using I.E.7 because it is apparently safer than I.E. 6. I’ve been running with add-ons disabled for a couple of days and it is working great.

It seems one of the many add-ons has been causing problems in the past. If I left a few I.E. windows open for a few days, one of them would start using a lot of CPU cycles for no apparent reason, and I would have to kill it. This would happen regardless of what web page it was displaying and it would happen even if I had no internet connection. I.E. would also crash occasionally and I.E.7 seemed to crash more often than I.E. 6. But with add-ons disabled, I’ve had no problems whatsoever.

Well it’s too early to tell if the no add-ons cures all the problems, but so far, so good.

There is a shortcut for I.E. 7 with no add-ons in All Programs > Accessories > System Tools.


Better than IE6, I’ll be damned if I’m using IE7 after seeing what it’s done to some machines at work.


I’ve got a short cut on my desktop for easy access.

I like Opera quite a bit, but have gotten so accustomed to Firefox that I just don’t use anything else. I’ve got all the extensions I want, and have it tweaked to fit my preferences, so I’m definitely a Firefox fan.

IE6 was a pain, and IE7 offers me nothing over Firefox.

I use Firefox 2.0
I like it’s adblock and script blocking capabilities.
I use IE 7 only for Windows update and some stubborn sites that Firefox doesn’t handle correctly.

On my Zaurus, I use Opera and Netfront. :slight_smile:

Maxthon 1.5.9 (Build 30) on top of IE 6 - works awesome!

I use Firefox 2.0, with some extensions.

It’s far better than IE7, which I also have, just for Windows update.


Firefox 2.0 – havnt used IE in over 12 months

firefox 2.0 primary browser . It might need a bit more memory than IE (not much though) but when u have more than 512 ram it is not an issue

I use Fx2 personally, since it’s well designed, non-bloated, has many tweaking options and it’s level of customization is second to none with it’s faboulus extensions system. Also for those IE only pages like MU/WU and other pages using MS propriotary commands, then i just left-click on the little IE Tab icon on the status-bar, and then the page is re-rendered in the current Fx window or a new tab, using IE’s rendering engine. Alternatively you can just add that page to IE Tab’s preferences, so that it will render automatically with IE’s engine when going to that URL(MU/WU is setup as per default to do that in IE Tab). Also Adblock Plus with the EasyList/EasyElement filter subscriptions is just the greatest also, so as to not be annoyed anymore by all those flash adverts and other irritating advertisements.

Just my 2 cents.

CU, Martin.