Internet browser

Hi ,
What internet browser do you guy’s reckon is the best to use with windows xp on dial up with speed of 52kbps. At the moment I am using mozilla firefox seems ok.

Firefox is good, also Opera.

Thanks chef, which one do you think is the better of the two, never tried opera.

Hi :slight_smile:
You are probably better off with FF.
As Opera like IE is a full browser suite.
FF is not.
If it does what you want/need stick with it.
In everyday use the difference between Opera & FF are minimal anyway. (If using latest beta versions)

Opera has always seemed a bit faster to me, but I have all my extensions set just the way I like them in Firefox, so I can’t see using anything else.

wendyd, if you use Firefox, you really should look through the extensions that are available for it. Hit Tools, Add ons, Get Extensions.

The only drawback (only recently “officially” recognized by firefox developers) is the RAM memory usage: firefox can use more than 100MB RAM in few minutes.

I hope that developers will solve soon this issue :flower:

I like Firefox personally (and Mozilla Thunderbird for my email!)…but as Geno says, it’s got a “bit” of a memory leak.

I found this out the hard way when I used to leave FF open overnight and would wake up to a near unresponsive PC - and this is with 2GB of RAM :eek:

hi everyone thanks for all the replies i will stay with firefox.

Hi :slight_smile:
FF & its memory leak ( about time they came clean ).
In my previous post, note I refer to latest beta’s.
The FF one is supposed to go some way in addressing this ‘memory leak’.
Although, being beta may well have problems of its own. :bigsmile:

I have two FF tabs open, been open most of the day. Just looked at Task Mangler, and…FF is using 330MB!!! :eek: