I have nero 7 ultra (running on xp pro) and I was going to burn a couple things to take with me to France.

Will it work, or does Nero add a region code? How do I make it work? I have to have it work, because the video will be for an application to a school, and if it doesn’t work, then I"m pretty much screwed. Thanks!

I think you´ll be ok.
I made a short video of some stuff I was doing in Germany and played it back on standalones in NZ…no problem.
I have AnyDvd running in the background all the time however.
Maybe someone else will know for sure how it works…but if not, you could download a trial version of AnyDvd…worth a try.

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I am certainly no expert either, but I found this on the site below.

[B][I]Region codes don’t apply to DVD-Audio, DVD-ROM, or recordable DVD[/I][/B]

I also don’t remember Nero asking for a region code. I realize the DVD drive has one, but it sounds to me like that is something only commercial DVD creators would use. But once again, I am not the final word on this.

Let us know when you get back if it worked… :wink:

Thanks guys!

Poster # 3 is right if you have audio then region free is not apply if you copy american (region 1) movie to take to france see it there then before you copy try to use the DVD+R set the booktype to DVD-ROM on nero CD Speed after copy finished make sure the burnt DVD displays as DVD-ROM.