International treaty forces 34 democracies to change copyright laws

I just posted the article International treaty forces 34 democracies to change copyright laws.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that a report from civil liberties organisation IP Justice
claims that
a proposed treaty, known as the FTTA
treaty, will affect 34…

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As was pointed out numerous times before the big businesses run america. Americas polticians in my opinion should not let this happen to their voters as a lot of them will be going to jail if this passes.

Well, if they have room for 60 million people. And the food too feed them, well shit, off to jail we go. We do have room for 60 million more prisioners right?

Any info on the list of countries that will be influenced?

How many times will we see this happen? Little by little, step by step your rights will be taken away and you will be controlled to make money, spend it on what they think is right for you, and watch every step you take. :r

Forget this, I’m moving.

One prisoner to his MP3 cellmate: “I’m in for murder one, extortion, arson and grand theft auto.” “Yeah, what a joke! At least you will get out someday. I’m in for copyright infringement. Ya know, if the shift key wasn’t there maybe… just maybe I wouldn’t have held it down. I’ll never know I s’pose” “You poor bastard! You’ll never see the light of day! Hey turn up the radio will ya? That sounds like CLAY AIKEN!!!” “You bet man, this ain’t so bad I guess”
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Well, i guess im off to jail now. It’s ok, i needed a break anyway. All this stress from school and such. On the bright side at least i get to exercise all day and watch HBO at the taxpayers expense. :+ --from The land of the free, home of the brave. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please note that this only affects NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA (link: Doesn’t make it any less worse ofcourse, but for once we in Europe have nothing to fear from this one.

Thats nice to know :wink:

Heh! Its just as well, as I’ve heard there is only enough space left in British prisons for about 700 more people …

That’s what Governments do. There not here to take care of us. Look at America’s homless people or Africa’s starving children, The Governments do nothing. Remember, a Government is here to govern you. Do you know what govern means? “To make sure you do what your suppose to.” or to handle you. It’s not called the care taker ment. It’s the Government.

Ha, we brazillian are safe too. Laws never worked here, expecially if it is designed by other countries. :X

Hey hemispasm…it appears sections of the DMCA is being surrepticiously slipped into Free Trade Agreements made between yuessay and other countries, so those “free” countries will in fact be instituting american home law…no I don’t want to be another state of america…:X

and to wiseduck…no one is safe from empire builders…:X