International software pirates sentenced

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If you live in the U.K. and are thinking about a career in software piracy, you might wanna think again. British autorities have sentenced three individuals for running a crime ring…

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I know of people recieving less time for “assault occasioning grevious bodily harm”…so I guess ok to beat them up, just don’t pirate their software…:X

LOL! i din’t know that norton antivirus and word must be cracked (we’re talking about year 2001)

Funny how game makers like EA who demand that you buy an entire new game if you damage the startup disk don’t get branded as “just plain thieves”. Because they are.
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It’s tinku time…

well they say video games create violence and will be blamed but lets goout and kill kill we wouldnt get a long time in jail because its coming to a point where you are gonna get more done for making a backup up of something you have just bought and dont wanna spil than going out and committing real crime geez i thought my m8 was joking when he said if you touch a richmans pockets you were for the high jump but its going that way and whats worse we are allowing it to happen and we are the one’s with the power no sale no big pockets after all piracy was inniciated through sill shelve prices in the first place what a JOKE:(

I feel so much saver on the street now i know these hardcore criminals are behind bars. Escpecialy that computer network administrator guy… that was probabely a real nasty mobster.

Soon all the minimum security prisons will be bitching about overcrowding.

mickrick your right watch em burn I wounder if any of them will have heart attacks hahaha!!! drinkordie hahahahahahahahahaha!!!1

I personally think it is pathetic when we put IP violators like this behind bars, when REAL criminals get lesser sentences. The US alone has over 2 million people in jail. I think it is time they rethink their strategy and maybe it is time to find a new Australia to dump them on. It is ridiculous the amount of things you now go to jail for. What next, going to jail for puttings file on an iPod…oh waith…that happens in Australia :D. Hope your fair use passes soon boys, it has to suck to be tied down that hard. btw in no merits is this a bash against aussies. I jsut think it is time the US realizes that putting people in jail can only solve so many problems. It is time they overhauled their laws and realized they are they are NOT going for the greater good here.

The Greater Good is a fallacy ! I should I say the Greater Good of Who according to Who ! As the King of ID once said when proclaiming from his balcony 'All Men are created equal" cam the reply from a peasant below 'What about Kings" and the King of ID replied 'All Kings are created equal"! and so it is that a crime becomes greater if committed against the wealthy powerbrokers and justifies harsher results, no longer 'an eye for an eye" rather 'your life for an eye"! thus preaches the RIAA & MPAA!

plead guilty; out in less than a year; get a better paid job in IT security :o This is hardly setting an example and doesn’t deter anyone when we live in a system that is tailored to protect the government, i.e. corporate fat cats, and not the public.