Internal to extrernal

I’m thinking of taking either my 111 or 112 both cross flashed to buffalo and TDB firmware and putting it into an external casefor use with a laptop. Will it be necessary to re-flash it somehow for external use? or should it work just the way it is?



I put my 115D into an enclosure, it’s working fine with stock firmware. Only way for you to tell is to give it a go :slight_smile:

@ JamesTaylor,

If you visit The Dangerous Brother Web Site you will notice that there is both Internal and External Firmwares listed for the DVR-111 series Drive.


[I]JamesTaylor,[/I] the bottleneck here will most probably your lappy’s USB/FireWire speed be, (except from limitation of enclosere chip ofcourse).

I’ve rather new Intel GM965 C2D SATA lappy but still my Pio 115D@115 only manages a barely 19MB/s burst (Prolific enclosure, USB/FW). :wink:

You should be fine without flashing. I could hit 16x with a 111D in a USB enclosure. I think the main advantage to flashing is the extra capabilites you gain(RAM, Labelflash, bitsetting), although if there is a bottleneck maybe it could help.

You’ll want to be careful selecting an enclosure for your Pioneers, or you may end up with something like this: .