Internal Target Failure - Pioneer DVR-107D/A07XLA

I received the following error message:
“Internal Target Failure” during 4x and 8x DVD+R burning, using Nero Burning Rom v6.3.1.6. I am using Pioneer DVR-107D/A07XLA with firmware 1.13 and 1.18 respectively. The recording failed especially at the beginning (after lead-in) and at the lead-out area.

Attached 4x DVD+R media code using DVD identifier.

Any idea? media problem??? faulty recorder??? All inputs are welcomed. :bow:

That’s similar:


Thanks a lot for your feedback. I will rectify step by step followed Nero’s solution.

Maybe you could test the drive in another computer/environment?
Updating Nero would be also good.
Is the official firmware currently on the drive and how about -R media?

I have updated the latest Nero version, the error still exist for my 4x DVD+R. Then, same goes to when I upgrade the f/w for Pioneer DVR-107D, f/w:1.21. FYI, 4x DVD-R is doing superb!!! My Pioneer DVR-A07XLA is doing great for both 4x DVD-R and 4x DVD+R. So??? I wondering it might be due to the media problem, as I tested different batches of the media (similar media code), the problem only happens in one of the particular batch. However, it plays well in the Pioneer DVR-A07XLA. :confused: :confused:

My PC system configuration:
Window XP Home Editionn v.2002 SP1
Intel P4 2.40GHz

Chef…any suggestion on the best media for Pioneer DVR-107D?:eek:

Hard to say. Beside the media recommended by Pioneer a look at might be useful. :wink:

You can try to fix your Windows errors with Norton WinDoctor, OneButtonCheck.
During the time of working Win like others programs that are not perfect make
errors.This errors was multiplicate during Windows exploatation.Errors are usually at ActiveX.I was fix same problem with WinDoctor.

I forrgot.Update ASPI layer.

“Internal Target Failure” has nothing to do with that.

This is Essentially a hardware error.
No need to delete filters.

Just Clean Your Lens.
Grease The Rails.

Follow step by step instructions at

Kamal Deep Yadav

Drive is toast.