"Internal Target Error" - a firmware issue?



Hi - When trying to simply make copies of CDs onto CD-Rs (not -RWs), sometimes but not always I get this error message almost immediately after inserting the CD-R and beginning the burning process (there is never any indication of a problem with the preceding “read” or create-an-image-for-burning process). It’s a 24x drive, and I tend to read and write at either 16x or 20x; slower speeds (down to 4x) have no effect with regard to the problem. As I said above, the problem occurs with certain CDs and not with others, so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. The drive is a Pioneer DVR-K15, it’s the original drive in a VAIO laptop (model PCG-7A2L) that’s about five years old, and the burning software I’m using is an older version of Nero, Nero 6. If someone thinks that updating the firmware associated with the drive might solve the problem, I’d appreciate a link to the updated firmware if possible, and if someone thinks that the software is the problem, of course suggestions as to straightforward, reliable burning software would be much appreciated; thanks for any help you may be able to offer.


Try to clean the drive…