Internal Plextor 716 issues

Is anyone aware of any conflicts between the External Plextor716 & Nero 6.6(and no I dob’t wish to upgrade to 7)? I have a HPa820n computer with a HP640 burner. The plextor reads perfectly and I did a selftest for the burn, no problem there. However when I put in a dvd to backup, it reads it, then when its going to burn it, instead of the plextor door ejecting, the HP drive door ejects, it won’t let me burn the image onto the plextor. I’m using the correct media, and I have made sure that Nero sees the plextor. Would it help to disable the HP drive, so all it sees is the Plextor? Just curious if anyone has any idea. thanks :flower:

Are you sure you haven’t simply selected the wrong burner in Nero? :eek:

It could also be that you’re using a Nero version that came with your HP drive and therefore only works with HP drives and not Plextor drives. My Nero 6.6 works perfectly fine with my PX-716UF (I am using a Nero version with a full license for all manufacturers). Start Nero and select Help, ABout and check what it says. If it states something like HP version then it only works with your HP drive. But, Lord V’s suggestion could also be the problem of course. Good luck!