Internal or External



I am considering getting a new Plextor drive - probably 716A. Problem is there is a delay sourcing one in Australia. Supplier has external units now or wait 8 weeks for external. Any comments on reliability of internal vs extrernal units. If temperature does cause some problems is an external unit better?


Your post has a typo so I can’t tell if they have INternal now or EXternal. But in any case I would always go with the internal. IDE is always a more reliable and troublefree connection as opposed to USB, not to mention faster. Also the power supply in your PC should be much more reliable. The only coaster I ever had was when the 3.3 voltage dropped for a millisecond. That was enough. Plextors are expensive enough with spending more for a less reliable bus. Just my opinion, see here for many more:


Sorry about the typo’s - brain and finger misfiring again. Sounds like waiting for the internal unit makes more sense.



What are the specs of your computer? I use a external PX-716UF here without problems (even at 16X). I used to have the drive in an unofficial external casing which caused limited performance (something that many other members have also reported in this forum) but since I’ve switched to an official external case, my problems are gone. I’m using mine via USB 2.0 on an up-to-date computer (AMD 64 based).



using a PLEX PX712-UF (External) running USB 2.0 as well on a P4 1.8Ghz 1.5 Gig o’ RAM
and i’ve havent had any problems in the last 6-8 months. personally i prefer the external for 2 reasons. Portable… and doesnt use up an IDE channel… of course if your able to go with SATA then i guess i only have one good reason. :slight_smile:


oh and one more thing… i’ve found with my external drive, that after every 5 backups in a row (that includes the read-down to my HD and the write-up to DVD) if i leave the drive tray open for about 3-5 mins, the heat will have dissipated enough to continue backups perfectly… if i dont give it a few minutes i’ll have the tinyest bit of pixalation on the following set of backups.


I think external can give a higher quality than internal (esp. in audio & video) because of less interfere and pure power suppliment. And the transfer speed is no longer a problem now.