Internal HD needs tested



Pulled a Western Digital WD600 from my Dell desktop. The mother board was shot. Inserted the WD dive into an external 3.5 HDD case with power corrd and USB connector to a new Gateway. Not getting anything… How do I test HD to see if it is good?:a


Do you mean the Gateway does not see the HDD at all?


Yes, gateway does not read the WD drive. Also, there is no noise coming from the WD HD. The hard drive in the Gateway has Vista as OS. The HD I’m trying to install has XP as OS. I know this XP is compatable with Vista, because I’ve installed allimportant backups from my other XP backups and all documents, game memories,etc. have been installed on my current Vista HD. So the XP OS should not be a problem.


Also, there is no noise coming from the WD HD.

Which means no power to it, connector bad or not on properly.
You should be able to hear it spin up and be able to feel it running




You will need to take the HDD out of the case and hook it up to a power connector to see if it will spin up.

Case could be bad, connector could be bad, can not test it if you can not get it to spin up.