Internal/External DVD-+RW drive



GD morning,afternoon,evening to all. This is my first post and definitely not my last :))

Im currently using a laptop (presario700) and would like to start moving some of the **it on my HD to dvds–mostly music/movies . (I’m also planning to build my own pc in 6-8months, so this is also going to be a factor in what im going to get) .

I’m pretty aware of what is out on market, but havent really kept up to date on the reviews , so I would like advice on what actually performs as advertised and what doesnt. ???

Also, if there are any new technology upgrades in the near future worth waiting for until i start building the pc, I would, only if there are major improvments ie. larger than current buffer sizes (8mb)…???

Should I go with an external dvd-+rw drive or is it possible to use a interanl dvdrw drive with casing until im ready to transfer it into the tower in about 6-8months???

—i know there are threads about what drives to buy, but i needed more advice than just what drive to buy, I know how users and moderators hate filtering redundant threads–


Now is not a bad time to buy a drive. Good drive to buy is a Sony DRX510UL external burner. Best and fastest on the market at the moment.

Another option is to buy a internal drive and a USB/firewire external enclosure. You can save about $25 or so when you go that route.

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