Internal error code 0000000B



While copying from one location to another on my pc, i get the error message ‘internal error 0000000B’ and copying is terminated.
What does that mean and what do i need to do?

Worried George :confused:


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It seems like something is interrupting the copying process, such as the virus checker taking too long to scan a file. Try temporarily disabling your virus checker to see if this file copies.

Could you post a screenshot of the error message?


:doh:sir pls hlp to solve my prblm.the mostt time i cut or copy paste any data frm my computer or frm my external drives its show “internal error 0000000B”… i am vry frustuated . pls help


If you are running XP, try the guided help for a “clean boot” on this page:

Basically, you are checking to see if programs running in the background are interfering with the normal operation of the system.