"Internal Error 2352" -- Anyone Seen This



evening folks!

i recently burnt a couple of programs and when i install either of them, at the beginning of the actual install of the files, i get this error "INTERNAL ERROR 2352"?!?!?!

now what i was wanting to know, is this a problem with the program i burnt or is it something to do with the actual burning process?? is it fixable?? or can it be gotten around??

i burn with a plexwriter 12*10*32A with firmware 1.09 on a tbird-c 1400 system, with 256RAM and win98se.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
dodgy bob


and this might be helpful to know too … the program i’m burning is in / from a .bin file and i’m using the .cue file of the .bin file to load up the program into the cd burning program which just happens to be crdwin and nero. i tried using both - and yes, i got the same result at completion of the burn; during install i get “Internal Error 2352”.

so what now???


im not sure what the error means, but there are 2352 parts to a sector when writing mode2 data, as opposed to the normal 2056. that sounds like a possibility. try using the bin file in nero. go to ‘burn image’ and select the bin. a foreign image dialogue should come up. then tell it to burn it in ‘mode2’. this should take care of your problem


I’ll copy this thread to the Software forum since this is not a newbie question! :slight_smile: