Internal DVDR, CDR, R 48X or higher

I am looking for a decent DVD-R, DVD+R, CDR, with a normal cdrom read speed of at least 48x. (56x would be great)
BestBuy has a slew of DVDR/CDR burners, but they all have normal cd read speeds of 40x. I would like something that has these capabilities with a higher cd read speed.


Super-high read speeds can lead to uncomfortable sounds coming from your drive followed by shrieks of terror as small shards of hard plastic rip through the drive bay and possibly the veins and arteries in your thigh (if you have a full tower; substitute chest for a desktop model).

But by all means, continue shopping for 56x read capability :iagree:

I think this would also be a good time to toss out the reminder about “truth in labeling”.

That posted 48X or whatever in big print usually followed up by really really tiny print elswhere on the box. That tiny print usually says something like “in theory, this is the max speed this drive will read in optimal conditions, your milage may vary”.

As JBW asked though…why you think you need that high a read speed?

I need the speed because I am constantly reinstalling XP or large games (like UT2004 that is on 6 cds). I currently have just a 48x reader, and I really dont want to get any slower than that.

If your system can handle the load, you honestly would be better served with 2 hdd’s, and a good image tool like “daemon tools” make images of frequently loaded cd’s and leave them on that second hdd. The image loads and runs faster than any optical drive out there that I’m aware of…:slight_smile:

Man, you should get one of those $20 56X super sonic speed/sound CD-ROMs, take out the front and tray plate,load a game and start shaking the computer , and hope the the CD will fly out at 300MPH, slicing everything in its path, like that Predator weapon. That’d awesome.

While thats amusing…thought we were here to help Stoner. C’mon man.

Since you didn’t get the point of that post, I’ll summarize it for you. Super fast CD-ROM = useless, but can double as disc launcher for entertainment.

I got your point…and it was funny about 8 posts back the first time you made it. Even mde me chuckle. Past that, we are trying to help. At least most of us here are.

I think Stoner’s deadpan endorsement of the ‘cd drive as potential decapitation device’ idea serves a point:

If I was a lily white noob who couldn’t tell digital shit from digital shinola, and a guy with 1700+ posts poked fun at the idea of anything faster than 48x, I would get the hint and wise up. :iagree:

Umm…What is the REAL downside to fast cd readers? I dont care about the noise, and I do not think you can ruin cds by mearly spinning them too fast. So can I have some actual reasons why ‘too fast’ is a bad thing?

Right then.

First for the reader to read at 48x-52x or anything over 20x the disc needs to be pristine and I do mean pristinly clean otherwise its not going to be able to read the data / audio and have to slow down anyway, lets face it most CD’s after a few uses even with delicate hands end up getting quite a few scratches on them.

Secondly the reader needs to be able to transfer all that data and as ZZMan said getting a small H/D and saving / mounting images on there would be a lot quicker infact a hell of a lot quicker.

Thirdly some readers can’t read burnt discs at these speeds anyway, these figures are for pressed (originals) only.

Fourthly don’t forget that a 52x speed reader only reads at that speed at the end or outer side of a disc so for those extra couple of seconds saved there’s no real gain.

Fifthly some drive makers (plextor for one example) don’t recommend burning / reading from a disc at this speed as any flaws /cracks in the disc can cause permanent damage to the drive or even cause the disc to explode, this is no joke.

So why pay for a super fast drive that a slightly slower model will do the same for a couple of seconds difference.

Pesonally I prefer quality to speed / quantity so I’d go with either a NEC / Lite-on or Pioneer drive. And if you shop around you will probably find there not that expensive and better than a no-name 52x generic reader/writer.

Anyway thats me tuppence worth, if you want to know anything else just ask.


JBW, Like the new avy man:)

JBW gave the best reasons I can think of, but if your not convinced, think of it this way.

Lets say you need a car, you save up and buy the fastest rocket sled on the market. This car can from 0 - 180mph in 60 seconds. Sounds cool huh?

Now, lets keep in mind you live in the city where the speed limit is 55mph max, even in the country, you can’t drive it faster than 70mph…so what was the point?

Honestly, a good dvd burner will set you back less than 100usd, read cds at 20-30+X, burn cd-r at well over 24x, burn dvd+/-r at 4-8x, and let your rip disc images to your hard drive for the fastest loading you can get.