Internal DVD Writer for Laptop?



Hi everyone,
My DVD Writer is slowly dying :sad: - so can u guys suggest me a nice Internal DVD Writer for my Asus Laptop.
I dont know if I can mount it myself by the way :rolleyes:

Thanks mates,




Where are you?
Find a decent local store, with a good selection and a service/repairs desk
…take the laptop in.

Suggest talking to the guys…maybe you have a choice. Most will fit so don´t worry yet.
I swapped my dying Pioneer for NEC…easy as pie (and I´d never opened a computer before)
You´ll have to take 3 or 4 tiny scews out of the underside (be careful with them)
Slide your unit out…it should come out easy
Compare the connections on the back end with your new unit (make sure they are the same)
Slide the new unit in…replace the little screws
Start your machine…wait for it to find and recognise the new drive
Should be sweet