Internal DVD Drive Problem


I have an LG GSA-4166B DVD Drive. After some CPU problems, someone helped me. He puts an new fan in to my computer. (Realesed everything out of the computer, then put everything back in to the computer) But after that, my DVD Rom is getting really slow. I Don’t know what’s the problem, but he doesn’t read on 16x speed anymore. I’ve tried to look on some dutch forums, they said that maybe the problem is in the U-DMA. So i did take a look to fix it. I’ve used Nero DMA Manager to put DMA enabled, but it doesn’t work. Now it’s in PIO mode. Can someone help me? Is the problem in the DMA? Or Maybe not? And if it’s in DMA, can you help me to enable it?

PC - specs

AMD - 751 mhz
320 MB ram
ati 9600 se 128mb
2 x 20GB HDD
DVD Rom from LG.
CD rom from LG.

Try following the advice in this thread to enable your DMA.

Good luck! :slight_smile: