Internal DVD drive not responding



A few days ago I was going to burn a dvd with nero. I waited for about 10 minutes and decided it wasn’t going to burn so I tried to cancel the burning. This didn’t work, it only made my computer nearly lockup. I restarted my computer and now I cannot get my drive to respond, the computer sees that it is there but I cannot get it to ope by pushing the button. I also manually opened the drive to get a the disc out. If anyone knows how to help Iwould very much appreciate it.

Dual Boot Windows XP Pro / Ubuntu 7.10
Atapi cd/dvd burner


I used Nero INfo Tool, and it said that the drive was open, and I need to close it so the info tool could finish. Unfortunately the drive was already closed. I manually opened the drive again and this time left it open during a restart and nothing happened. Is there a way to reset a drive maybe a reset button on the drive itself?