Internal dvd/cd writer

please be gentle as i am a newbie(an old one),my cpu is ACER ASPIRE 2yrs old,and has worked fine until 2days ago.Problem is its not recognising blank cd disks at all.DVD burns great ,and it plays previously recorded cd’s(by me).Have cleaned lens gently with alcohol and q-tips but it did nothing.Have tried various burning software incl’burrrn/windows media player/free easy burner/ashampoo each one tells me to put in a blank cd (when i have already done so).I am considering buying external writer but would like to know if maybe there is a simple way of a fix.Please help as it’s doin’ my nut in.

Welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

What brand of discs are you using, and have you tried a different brand?

Also - do you have Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% (or similar software) installed?

Since the drive reads CDs OK I doubt there’s much wrong with it hardware-wise (without further investigation anyway).