Internal CD/DVD writers dont work in external cases

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OK, so I am a newbie but i guarentee this is not a stupid question: Why wont internal writers work in external USB cases? I have 3 writers 1)Sony DRU500ax, Memorex 48x CD writer DVD reader and a Pioneer 16x DVD writer. Right now none of them will finish writing a disk, 2 are in Belkin F5U209 external USB 2.0 enclosures and the third is in a recently purchased NexStar 2 USB case that I purchased to see if it would make a difference, it does not. Both brands of case use an Ali chip. My next option is to try using different burning software, i am using Veritas RecordNow DX v4.6. It is an excellent program that came with the Sony. Plenty of RAM, processing power on all computers, 1 main and 2 networked boxes, USB drivers are installed on W2K Pro SP4, I am using 6, 10 and 16 foot USB cables. It is one of those simple yet complicated problems, I have asked on other forums and gotten no response which means it is either something irresponsibly obvious or soemthing rediculously obscure.

Any info is appreciated.


USB is buggy and is not designed for high speed throughput. Keep the cable length under 2 ft. Use internal IDE for best performance.

Keep the cable length under 2 ft. Use internal IDE for best performance.

I would if I could but the computers are in a seperate room from the monitor, I recently set my office up this way and have a lot invested in this workflow. What you say makes sense as sometimes the same burner will work in one of the case but not the other. Not to argue with you but do you have more info on “it is buggy”? If I purchased an external DVD drive, that was packaged that way, i wonder if it would make a difference? Or there are also external cases that work with USB2/FW/FW800/LAN etc, maybe I should try one of those. I overheard someone talking about “sustained throughput” as an advantage and was reffering I think to FW, is that related to what you are talking about?


With monitor and 'puters in a seperate room I bet you get a lot of exercise that way. I haven’t seen a firewire 800 box yet, that doesn’t mean there aint no such animal. You would have to have a FW800 card to use it at that speed. Check out the “big external enclosure” thread here at CDFreaks, it may be of some help.

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traded in the USB case for a FW case and the first burn test on the main computer went fine, but the 2 networked computers show the DVD drive as a hard drive rather than a CD/DVD device and so the burning software cant see it.