Internal card reader/io pannel?

I’m looking for an internal memory card reader and am a bit frustrated. When I wen shopping for external card readers, I found that price really doesn’t matter regarding speed, and I need it to be fast. It will have to upload raw camera images so there will be a lot of data moving. With external ones, I found a cheap one at frys (about 8 bucks on sale) that will actually do 6-7MBps which is fast enough if cheap. I got a sandisk for 35$ that will do 10MBps (probably faster but thats as fast as my cards are). I have 3 or 4 others that ranged from 10-40$ that are all crap.

I already have one internal card reader that I paid 20$ for, that cannot even do 1MBps (I think it is about 400k). That really has me frustrated. I dont really want th shell out 100$ trying card readers again to find a good internal one. If one more salesman tells me they can do 480Mbps because it is usb 2.0, and my slow one is probably usb 1.1, I’ll strangle them.

So here is the list of requirements (I know its a tall order).

Must be fast, at least 5MBps if cheap, at least 10MBps if expensive.
it must be black, either 3.5 or 5.25 is acceptable.
Usb ports would be a usefull plus. Firewire, io ports, fan controlers, lcd are pluses but I really dont need them (If I’m going to pay 50$ though it would be nice to have some extras).

Speed is the biggest concern of all, and the cheaper the better (though I realize I might have to spend a lot).

It also has to be local unless someone can confirm for sure that it is fast (I don’t want to get stuck with even more card readers that are slow).

Compusa has some ultra brand ones on sale and its local to me, but the sale ends today (I would have to rush up there before work, its a ways away).
this one is 35$ but reviews say the fan controller, temp monitoring is crap so that doesn’t instill confidence in the product
A couple of the cheaper ones are on sale but I’m going to have to call to see which.
micro center is also local and they have a couple of siig brand ones on sale through the end of the month.

I can order from directron/axiontech for local pickup, but there return policy is crap and I think they charge restocking fees.
Fry’s is local too.

The only thing that is a rush is the compusa ultras are only on sale through today and I have to do the ads still (then rush up there and get to work by 2PM). Anything else is not a rush.

Any help or advice, even just brand recommendations would be very much appreciated. The only factors that are mandatory are fast and black.