Internal burner for laptop

Hi all,
I’m looking for an internal burner for my Dell laptop and I need some advice.
Can you recommend me a good brand or model?
I’m going to use it mainly to rip my CDs and burn the .flac files on DVDs.
Thank you in advance!


Are you looking for an Ide or sata drive ? Slot-in or not ?
My only slot-in is a Plextor PX-608AL, which is a good burner, but is quite slow to recognize discs, and a bit noisy.
I can also recommend you the AD-7590S or 7590A (sata or ide), from Optiarc, which a good burner (assuming 8x max), and supports bitsetting via Liggy’s firmware. I got 2 of them (7590A and 7590S).

If anyone has other suggestion, I also got a Pioneer KD08, Matsushita UJ-850 and 870, and Samsung SN-S083A, but I have no time to test them seriously… For the moment I will only say that Matsushita UJ-870 is really quiet while reading and burning.

Please note that only optiarc and samsung are publishing new firmware (optiarc more often), for matsushita i’m still searching, pioneer and plextor too.

My current burner is the sadly well-known Philips SDVD8820… It has an IDE/ATAPI interface and so I believe I need an IDE drive. Slot-in or not makes no difference to me.
On the whole, do you recommend me the Optiarc drives or do you think I should inquire further?

Your Philips is a crappy QSi :frowning:

I tend to prefer slim Optiarc drives because Optiarc offers a good support, especially firmwares, compared to others brands. My slim Pioneer model isn’t even mentionned on the Pioneer website for exemple !

Optiarc AD-7590A (or 7593A with labellflash) is a slim ide tray-loading drive, which supports ripplock and bittsettings as I said via Liggy’s firmwares ( ). Furthermore, you should be able to conserve your current drive bezel. The drive is quite a good performer while reading or burning, assuming it’s 8x max speed. I had no problem burning Verbatims or Ritek DVDs and CDs at max speed.

PS : the Labellflash model (7593A) is difficult to find, at least in Europe. Take care between “A” ans “S” models :wink: And, to conclude, no, I haven’t any “special interest” in Optiarc products !

OK, thank you very much for your replay, I will have a look at this Optiarc!

Hi everybody,

I would also need you kind help and guidance for a DVDRW for my Compaq V6180…my old optic reader DVD+RW DL TS-L632 is just rubbish…and I want to change it.

From what I read on the internet reviews and forum Optiarc AD-7590A (too expensive and not to be found in Romania) or Pioneer DVR-KD08 are a good choice.

What do you think?..Can I rely on the Pioneer DVR-KD08 ? Would that be compatible with my laptop…


Hi and Welcome!

Pioneer isn’t a bad choice, IMO.
Compatibility to your laptop is determined by the connection requirement (Master, Slave, …) - so check device manager, if your drive is connected as device0 (=“Master”) or device1 (=“Slave”). Device0 is most common, and most replacement drives should work.

The other issue might be the faceplate, especially if it is a custom faceplate on your notebook.

I personally consider slim drives as emergency solution. For more serious reading or burning tasks, I prefer an external Half Height drive.


Pioneer KD08 is just a bit faster than AD-7590A while reading and burning (not in bunring speed but in real burning time), but it’s support is… no new firmware for the moment ! I got one, works fine :wink:

super :slight_smile: thanks a lot guys for the quick reply and advice

I will go for the pioneer one…The face place can be taken out as I checked on my old drive and I can swap it on the one I will buy. I saw that the button location is similar on both.

I am not planning to use this burner a lot, but normally to read DVD’s and sometime to write something.

i just bought the pioneer dvr-kd08 as a replacement for the tsstcorp-l632d drive which just frigged out. the drive came out of my acer aspire 9300 series notebook, the pioneer is definitely a suitable replacement and the custom faceplate off my old drive fits perfectly. i hope this helps anyone considering buying one of these.