Internal Blu Ray burner

It’s been a while since I used an optical drive. Now I’m looking to get a blu ray burner to back up all my photos. I prefer external but it looks like its cheaper to get an internal drive and use a drive enclosure.

What is the BEST internal burner right now?

IMHO Pioneer BDR-209

But I don´t trust in longevity of BD, I think it´s designed to be unreadable after some years to make sure that consumers buy the next generation and so on …

Important photos I would store on different storage-media and would copy to the next one after some years.

I´m sure someone call now “M-Disc” and maybe it isn´t totally wrong.

But I´m not sure that normal degrade is comparable with the simulated which let us think it last 1000 years.

And even when, would a drive still works in 20 years? Enough components in the drive would age even if not used :wink:

BDR-209 from the more commonly available models. Always burn with the latest firmware sourced from Pioneer Japan .jp website.

Your burn will however more depend on the media quality thought so get Panasonic disks.

And as always keep multiple copies of data on multiple kinds of storage media.