Internal Blu-ray BD-RE writer

I had a LG GGW H20L which was faulty. Amazon said it has now been discontinued, so are giving me a refund. Is there anything I can buy instead? Have spent hours searching internet but very strangely there seems to be little out there now. Don’t know what’s happened to this format. I would have thought it would have been really taking off by now.

I need to be able to backup data from hard disc onto re-writable BD-RE discs.

Any help would be much appreciated

The drive we are recommending most often these days is the Pioneer 205.

Prices of the drives and the blank media have really slowed adoption, especially during this recession.

Many thanks for the quick reply.

From the reviews the Pioneer 205 looks like a good product, apart from possible reliability issues.

My choice for backups is now between the Pioneer and memory sticks.

The Pioneer BDR 205 BKS that I have has been doing a fine job so far.

I have been using a LG WH08LS20 burner with lightscribe capabilities. I am quite pleased with the drive including the blu-ray burner. I will be even happier when the media comes down in price.