Internal 5224IM read speed problem

I have an BTC internal CD writer 5224IM with the latest firmware (001U) and installed ASPI 4.71.2.
The max READ speed of the writer supposed to be 52.
But whenever I insert a CD into the writer, the read speed becomes 8X only. I tried different brands and still get the same result. Even the CD gets 52X WRITE speed, the READ speed still only 8X.

Can anyone help me to fix the problem?

I think I know what the problem is… PIO mode instead of UDMA mode.

Check the Advanced Settings of the IDE port where the drive is located and check which setting it is using. Probably it is set to “PIO MODE ONLY”, it should be set at “DMA MODE IF AVAILABLE”.

BTC Europe Support

I just checked, it is in DMA mode.
But I have a LS120 drive (PIO mode) attached on the same cable.
Maybe I’ll try unplug the LS120 drive to see if any improvement.