Intermittent super slow ripping w/ DVDShrink!

Hi. First time poster! :wink: I have been using DVDShrink for six months or so, with pretty good success. I just got a new Benq DW1655 drive, and am having an issue that may or may not be drive related. Normally I can rip movies to an ISO file relatively quick. Say 10-15 minutes or so. The CPU is almost at 100%. Then suddenly, I put in a movie, and it takes an hour, and the CPU is barely being pegged. I have tried Nero speed, and the QSuite utilities, but find nothing. I even do a reboot, all to no avail. Any ideas?

make sure your drive is in DMA MODE. Why rip with DVDSHRINK? Use DVD DECRYPTER or DVDFAB DECRYPTER to rip the files then use DVDSHRINK.

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Uninstall the IDE channel drive is connected to. Restart compu and let windoze install default M$ IDE drivers.

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Thanks for getting back to me. What is strange is that it rips really fast on one disk, then rips really slow on the next. I am chaning nothing that I am aware of. How would I turn on/off DMA Mode anyways?

And could you explain to me the advantage of your workflow for backing up DVDs? I only use single-layer discs, so need to shrink them. So, using DVDShrink to rip to an ISO, then burning with Nero seems the most efficient. I’m always open to improvements, so thanks in advance! :wink:

I am so sorry! I posted it over in the other forumn, then afterwards realized that this might be a better spot, since I think its a function of my new dvd burner. I am learning, and will never do it again (cross posting, that is)! ;-(

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This does sound like the same issue on their earlier burners too, an issue which has been discussed previously in this forum. The answer I got from BenQ was that the problem probably lies in the DVD print quality although that doesn’t answer why the same ‘slow’ disc rips OK in other burners.