Intermittent Burn Failure/Nero

I have Nero Suite. It came with my new LG external (USB) burner. I am extremely non-technical and may be in over my head. I am able to successfully burn backups of my DVDs, ripping with DVD Shrink. But approximately two times out of three the burn fails. I know for a fact that I cannot use Nero to attempt a burn unless the computer is freshly started/rebooted. In other words, I cannot run any other program first, or the burn will fail. But it still fails two times out of three. Does anyone have any suggestions that do not involve anything extremely technical, i.e. editing the registry, or the like. Thanks.

It would be helpful if you could mention us some more info on your system (hardware, drivers, installed software, etc.) and post your Nero LOG-file here (but be sure to remove your serial from the LOG before posting it on a public forum such as this one). Without this additional info it’s impossible for us to say what the problem might be.