Intermittent Audio Sync Prob on Playback



I don’t know for sure just where this belongs, but I have discovered something interesting and baffling about an intermittent audio sync problem with movies when played back on my DVD player: Sometimes, but not always, the audio is out of sync. When stopped and started again, it is back in sync (which tells me nothing is wrong with the DVD). This also happens on my neighbor’s DVD deck.

Has anyone else heard of this? Obviousely, there are time delays within a DVD deck (I knew that), but there must be something that is sort of “confusing” that. Perhaps it’s one of the settings of the burner, or the converter (DVD Flick).:confused:

Anyway, it’s not that big a deal, but I’m just curious about it.



What is the source material ?

How was it processed ? (Just DvD flick)

What format is the material in ?

Video codecs used ?

Audio codecs used ?

Are you using a variable bit rate ?



Oooohhhh… a test?! I didn’t study!:disagree:

The source is always.flv (aka YouTube movies, etc).

Yes, DVD Flick did 'em all.


A/V Codecs unknown (whatever DVD Flick comes with?).

I don’t know much about bitrates, so I always leave most settings at the default… but everywhere I see the word “Bitrate”, it says “Auto” (or “Auto-Fit”).

It’s very rare; twice on neighbor’s box and about 4x on mine. I wish I remembered which movie(s) it happened on, but they shouldall be basically the same (with exception of the blank discs; brand; -R vs +R).