Intermittent audio problem



I have a very annoying problem playing a music DVD - random, very short, but noticeable, intermittent “breaks” in audio stream. My system consists of a 2.4GHz, 512MB P4 with NEC3520A DVD drive (DMA mode), on-board sound hardware used in SPDIF pass-through mode via optical output to AV receiver. I use either Media Player Classic or PowerDVD Deluxe - same problem. Video is perfect.

Could it be that the DVD drive is dropping audio data occassionally, or is there something more obvious to look for? Can I change the DVD cache size (how do I do that?) or is there some way to “log” DVD drive read problems (read errors, buffer overflow, …)??

Any help VERY welcome!!! I am frustrated :confused: :frowning:


If you’re doing something else on the computer at the same time then sometimes there just isn’t enough CPU power available the process the audio. As the problem is random it could be something like this.


I’m not doing anything else - the PC is a dedicated media center and the CPU usage peaks at about 30%. Do the players mentioned buffer data from the DVD drive for processing and is it possible to increase this buffer size?


Most likely it is the on-board sound chip and its driver. An addon PCI card - like the $25 Chaintech AV-710 - should solve your problem.