Intermittant start-stop using PowerDVD player

Well, I’ve looked through this forum and can’t find an answer.

I’m a boring and thick 50+ year old with a 2 yr old computer that is probably out of date, but has about an 800 Mhz speed processor and 20 x CD/DVD reader, any of which points may be relevant.

I would be most grateful if anyone has experienced and resolved intermittant running of PowerDVD. The problem is that a film will run for about 10 seconds then stop for about five seconds.

It is most frustration and makes watching a film virtualy impossible. I’ve only managed about a minute and a half, so far!!!

Any suggestions please? Am I missing something? I look forward to hearing from ANYONE with ideas!

Thank you very much in advance …

Upgrade to a faster PC, make sure your have NOTHING running in the background (Virus checkers, etc), defrag your HD and manybe get a faster video card. Or all 4 :smiley: