Interlace problem with LG RH7500 on NTSC disks

I have the LG RH7500 dvd recorder. Playback of R1 NTSC disks is terrible, with interlace artifacts making the output virtually unwatchable. My Sony tv is NTSC compatible and the problem does not seem to be with either disks or television as I have tested both with the Phillips player that works perfectly. The LG is connected using the RGB scart option. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Do I have a bad player? There is no problem with NTSC divx files, I assume because these files are not interlaced. Should I just give up on this player? Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

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To me, it seems like the DVD recorder converts the NTSC picture to a standard PAL-50 output, which means internally de-interlacing the image, converting the frame rate, rescaling the image to the PAL resolution and re-interlacing it before sending it to the TV. As a result, some players that do this don’t properly convert the picture. Also, as the manual does not mention anything about NTSC support besides that these discs cannot be copied in this recorder, this seems to indicate that NTSC support may be basically there to show a picture rather than nothing.

Many other DVD players, including VCR’s with NTSC playback will output a PAL-60 picture. This means that the frame rate and interlacing remains unaffected, however the colour signalling is converted to PAL colour (for composite out). In my opinion, DVD players that output a PAL-60 image offer a better picture, since no frames are dropped and the picture does not have to be deinterlaced, scaled and re-interlaced before being sent to the TV. The only drawback with these DVD players and VCR’s which also output a PAL-60 picture is that some older TV’s cannot handle PAL-60 (such as many over 10 years old).

From what I have read about, Philips DVD players output a PAL-60 picture when playing NTSC discs, which likely explains why you get a much better image on your Philips player. :wink: